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Kim Kardashian Wished Her Look-Alike A Happy Birthday By Twerking For Us All

Her skills leave something to be desired.

Kim Kardashian has such a famous butt, it seems insane that we haven't had video of her twerking before now, but I guess she was saving it for something special. In this case, her very special reason was the birth of her friend Hrush Achemyan. Achemyan is a makeup stylist, and notably looks quite a bit like Kim Kardashian.


So it’s sort of like she’s showing her butt off to herself, which is very on brand:

While Kim Kardashian’s butt remains impressive, I remain skeptical of her twerking skills. Still, to go buns out just for your girl’s birthday is a weird but true mark of friendship. It’s a gift to all of us, too.

[Photos: Getty, Twitter]


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