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Kim Kardashian's Golden Rules For Taking The Perfect Selfie Are Kinda Ridiculous

Don't say we didn't warn you.

When you think of celeb selfies, you probably think of Kim Kardashian. Honestly, that's no surprise — she's turned selfie-taking into an art form and built an empire out of it.

Well, the selfie queen is sharing her secrets with the world. (It's probably in part to promote her upcoming updated volume of selfies, which I refuse to call a book.) 

So, what are the rules? E! News has the scoop. 

"Good lighting," obviously, and as far as angle goes?

"Always take your selfie from above, angling down," Kim advises. "I think there's nothing worse than when someone wants to take a selfie and they take it from the angle down below, you know, and get some double chin action."

Kim also stresses the importance of taking time to learn your own face, explaining, "Know your own angles. Know what your best angle is and go with that."

So is it just me, or are these a little bit obvious? No one's out here holding their cameras below their chins and taking selfies in the dark, Kim! But if you want to take your selfie game to the next level, Kim advises breaking out the contour sticks.

"I talked about how I was 'over' contour a while ago, for an interview with Vogue in the UK, and I think that's because I was into it a little bit less in that moment," Kim said. "But I'm back into contour and think when you've done it really well it definitely helps your selfie. Once you put the light on, it just shows off your features so well."

You know what doesn't show off your features well? Crappy angles. If there's one thing Kim hates, it's a bad angle.

"There's nothing worse than a really bad selfie angle," Kim explained. "I went to a restaurant the other day, and everyone was asking for a photo, but their angles were so bad. I just had to start taking their cameras and doing it myself, so I could get the right angle."

Now that's dedication. So, in summary: look hot with an on-point contour, find some good lighting, and spend time finding your best angles. Or just be Kim Kardashian — whichever's easiest.

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