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Kim Kardashian's Robbers Were Caught On Tape [VIDEO]

They're very French.

Kim Kardashian is still on social media hiatus, except to come out and unfollow people like a Twitter assassin. It makes sense, what with all the people accusing her of faking her traumatic experience of being held up at gunpoint and robbed of her four million dollar engagement ring. She was also filmed without her knowledge in her Paris hotel by someone who was supposed to be helping with the investigation. There’s only so many creepy invasions of privacy one person can take before they’re done with all of it.

Maybe once the police solve the case, she’ll feel safer. The cops are getting a bit closer, in fact security footage has been revealed showing men biking away from the property with a bag likely containing the stolen jewelry, which TMZ shared:

You can’t see enough to identify them, but hey, they’re there. Take that, haters! Also, how French is it that their get-away ride was a bicycle? Mon Dieu.

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