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Kourtney Kardashian Is Totally Lusting After Harrison Ford

Kourtney asks why 73-year-old Harrison Ford is so hot, sparking giant debate.

North Korea might have an H-Bomb and the armed militia standoff in Oregon continues but what’s really trending in early 2016 is Kourtney Kardashian posing this question on Facebook: “Why is Harrison Ford so hot?!”


Innocent and spontaneous as it probably was (hey, who are we to judge?), the question has sparked a wave of thoughtful responses from Kourtney’s seemingly endless fanbase. The sentiment breaks down into two rival camps: those who agree with Kourtney’s assessment and support her candidness and those who find it a bit creepy that the 36-year-old reality star finds the 73-year-old actor to be hot. Case in point: "First Bieber now Harrison Ford? Do you have no morals woman?"

Of course, half the comments have nothing to do with anything other than Kourtney being a hottie herself, but we’re assuming that’s the case for anything she posts on Facebook. Read some of the comments below.

Those who agree with Kourtney and support her observation:

Christine: Because he's Han Solo, and Indiana Jones. And f*cking Harrison Ford!

Tonya: I totally agree Harrison Ford is my crush everyday, wish all men could look like that when they get older!!

Becca: Back off Kourtney Kardashian. He's mine.

Those who think Kourtney has a “grandfather complex”:

Michelle: First Bieber now Harrison Ford? do you have no morals woman?

Sam: you have a grandfather complex Kourtney Kardashian?

Kimberly: Harrison Ford is not hot try my old ass granddaddy.


Harrison: My name is Harrison if that makes it better

Selviana: So sorry kourtney, i think...scott disick the man of year , he is so hot damn

Jeff: Well, there's about 330 million Americans. So, if 0.05% of the population are men who are as hot then there's 165,000 men in America that are as hot as Harrison Ford that you've never met.

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