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Kris Jenner Says Kim's Nude Selfies Make Her A Great Role Model

Do you agree?

Kim Kardashian may get a lot of flak for posting nude (and nearly nude) selfies, but if there's one person who approves, it's her mother, Kris Jenner. And not only does Kris approve, but she told E! News that, in her opinion, Kim's daring selfies are part of what make her such a positive role model for young women.

"I don't use Snapchat because I'm always working, but I do keep up with [my kids] on Snapchat," Kris began. "It's like my babysitter. I can track my kids and what they're doing."

So when it comes to the nude selfie Kim posted recently (and all the other ones), what does she think? Mama Kris is all for it and thinks it's an example of how much of an inspiration Kim is.

"You know what? I think she loves her body, feels great about herself and she's beautiful," Kris said. "And I think she's an inspiration to young women, so whatever they want to do."

Now that is one supportive parent!

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