Kris Jenner Was Injured In A Crazy Car Accident

It wasn't her fault!

By Aimée Lutkin

Kris Jenner’s white Rolls Royce got totalled on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, and it sounds like it wasn’t even her fault.

Apparently, a Prius ran a red light to merge onto the highway and rammed Jenner’s car, which was at an intersection. The impact deployed the airbag and ruined the front of Jenner’s car. TMZ reports that she was treated on the scene by paramedics, who were afraid to move her from the car and exacerbate her injuries, which they say could include a broken wrist.

Kris' youngest child Kylie Jenner is the only one who seems to be tweeting about it, reassuring her followers that she is okay. She asserts that she had nothing to do with it really, writing, “I was not involved in the accident. Everything's ok” and “omg no!!! It was just my mom. My moms cars. I rushed to the scene to be by her side becuz she was alone.”

So it seems that Mama Jenner is okay—at least according to Kylie. She was soon back to tweeting about makeup, so it’s probably true. Kris Jenner will out-live us all!

[Photo: Getty Images]


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