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Kylie and Tyga's New Dog Cost More Than Your Car

Just in case you forgot how rich the Kardashian clan is...just wait until you see how much this dog is worth.

Tyga and Kylie just welcomed a new furry friend into the family: Rolly, a tri-colored merle English Bulldog. According to TMZ, Kyga's super adorable new puppy was a gift from Jeremy Greene, the CEO of PingTank, and was delivered to their door via English and French bulldog breeders Shrinkabulls.com.

Its worth? $50K.

That may be an outrageous amount of money for a pet, but Kylie and Tyga seem over the moon about their new fur baby. Kylie introduced Rolly via Snapchat videos (some of which were posted with the oh-so-subtle caption of "50K"), and Tyga also got in on the action, sharing a selfie with their new pup on Instagram.

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