Kylie Hints That She And Tyga Break Up And Make Up Often

In a new interview, Kylie admits that she and Tyga have broken up multiple times. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It may seem like there isn't a single thing Kylie Jenner does that doesn't end up on her Instagram account, but there are some things that even she doesn't want to share with her followers. In a new interview with Elle Canada, Kylie opened up about her relationship with Tyga and her desire to keep her private life, well, private. While it may seem like a strange statement from someone who grew up on -- and still stars in -- a reality show about their family, Kylie explained that it was a process for her:

"When I first started on the show, I didn’t want anyone to know who my friends were and you never saw any of them onscreen with me. I always wanted to keep my family life on the show, and when it came to me hanging out with my friends and doing, you know, teenage stuff, I wanted to keep that private - and I still do. And with any relationships - I don't think I will ever be super-public about my relationships."

Kylie went on to talk about her decision to make her relationship with Tyga public, calling it an "organic" decision before adding "But I do think that if you let people in too deep, it gets hard - your fans get too invested, and then they know when you break up and make up. I don't want people to know every time we fight or break up, so I'd rather keep some things private."

Understandable, but does this mean those breakup rumors were true? Kylie and Tyga have gone through their fair share of drama, though Kylie has been careful not to publicly address it. Who could forget that time Blac Chyna posted text message proof of Tyga trying to get back together with her, even though he and Kylie were an item at the time? As if that wasn't bad enough, Tyga got busted for sending nudes to another woman a few months later: actress and model Mia Isabella. Sources claimed that Tyga has had an ongoing relationship with Mia, who is openly transgender, for nearly three years. Tyga's lawyer later denied that he sent the pics to Mia, and called the allegations "false and socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality." 

Messy, messy, messy... No wonder Kylie is trying to keep the inner workings of their relationship private. Tyga has let it all hang out often enough for the both of them.

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