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Kylie Jenner Confused A Pig For A Chicken (Video)

Girl, no. Just no.

Kylie Jenner knows her animals - no, seriously - which is why it's unfortunate that people on social media now think otherwise.

In a viral deleted scene from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie had a total Jessica Simpson moment. After seeing her mother holding a baby pig wrapped in a blanket, Kylie asked, "Is that a chicken?" Yes, that really happened.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is refusing to let her live it down.

Kylie finally addressed the "chicken or pig" question via Snapchat on Saturday, saying, "All right, so everyone keeps tweeting me this one Vine of my mom getting me a pig and I mistake it for a chicken. But here's the real story behind me thinking that it's a chicken."

"So I love chickens, and my mom asked me what I wanted for my housewarming gift, so I told her, 'I want chickens, I want a chicken coop, I'm dying to have a chicken,'" she continued. "We had like, over 10 conversations about it, so when I saw her downstairs, I saw something that was all wrapped up in her arms, and I was upstairs, of course I assumed that it was a f**king chicken. I never asked for a pig."

To be fair, Kylie, you probably shouldn't be asking for any farm animals since, you know, you're not a farmer. Still, you can check out Kylie's explanation of the infamous scene below.

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