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Kylie Jenner Could Get Arrested Thanks To Tyga's Spending

Because he owes it to someone else.

Tyga’s been facing money problems for awhile. He owed almost 200k in back rent. His car got repossessed. He was sued for money he owed on jewelry. Through all this, he’s had the attitude towards responsibility that you would expect from a kindergartener, though that may be an insult to children.

But I get it, because Tyga has got one person he can keep turning to again and again. His girlfriend Kylie Jenner is rich as hell, and the two of them keep trading luxury cars back and forth like a piece of chewed up gum during a makeout sesh.

Tyga has failed to show up for court appointments regarding his finances before, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Now, according to TMZ, Kylie is being ordered to show up and explain exactly how her finances are entangled with her boyfriend’s. The jewelers' lawyers are supposed to meet privately with the couple sometime in the next few weeks to discuss all the gifts Tyga’s been giving her and then flaunting on social media. If they don’t show, they’ll seek another arrest warrant—for both of them.

Then Kylie and Tyga will truly be partners in crime. So romantic!

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