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Kylie Jenner Exposes Her Naked Backside Because She's Running Outta Stuff To Show Us

Is this new territory?

Have you ever wanted to have Kylie Jenner’s butt on your body? Now you can, with the sale of her “Cheeks Tee” shirt, available for purchase on Friday. The official Instagram account for The Kylie Shop shared an image of Jenner dropping trou for her fans. At this point, we’ve probably seen every view of Jenner’s body except the extremely private bits (and also nipples, which remain bafflingly controversial on Instagram) so maybe her bare butt isn’t so big a deal. Look and decide for yourself:


And here’s Kylie wearing her butt on her front. A front butt, you might call it:


The photo was likely taken at the shoot that Jenner posted images of last November, since the style and outfit is the same, but it’s um, a different view:


You can also get that image on a shirt if you're more of a boob person:


Would you wear Kylie Jenner’s butt on the front or the back?

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