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Kylie Jenner Has An Entire Room Dedicated To 'Playboy' In Her Mansion

She calls it her "boys room."

Kylie Jenner has made some interesting decorating choices in her life. Remember when she used to keep a framed copy of Tyga's mugshoton a bookshelf? Yeah, that was weird, and it looks like Kylie still has eclectic tastes when it comes to interior design.

The young cosmetics mogul recently treated her fans to a tour of her new $6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California and boy, is it something. Not only does she have a ton of artwork (including a huge framed photo of her mother in a fur coat) and an entire room with a fireplace in it just for her two dogs, but what's really got everyone talking is what Kylie referred to as her "boys room." In it, there's an array of old issues of Playboy magazines, and a glass ashtray.


But what is this room even for? Entertaining her male friends? Tyga and/or his friends? No one really knows, but I will say this: Kylie is taking hospitality to a whole new level.

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