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Kylie Jenner Is Getting Blasted Over Bad Instagram Photoshop Again

"Is that really a third nipple on her knee?"

Instagram Photoshop queen Kylie Jenner is back at it again, but this just may be her worse offense yet.

The Mirror reports that eagle-eyed fans noticed something extremely strange in a recent pic of Kylie and her longtime boo Tyga. In the Instagram photo — posted by Tyga — the couple is cuddled up, with Kylie sitting on Tyga's lap. Nothing too unusual, until you take a closer look at her right knee. There's a strange lump, and it wasn't long before people in the comments section started to brand it as a nipple.


One glance at any of Kylie's other photos will reveal she doesn't have a lump on her knee, and fans jumped to accuse her of photoshopping the pic.

"Is that really a third nipple on her knee?" one user wrote. 

Other fans took a more reasonable approach, and deduced that what looked like a strangely-placed third nipple was actually just a plant.

"It's a plant on soft focus on the front," one user wrote. "The rest of the leg is hidden on Tyga's leg."

So is it a plant or bad photoshop? What do you think?

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