Kylie Jenner "Marries" BFF Jordyn Woods In Bizarre Commitment Ceremony (Video)

"It's like a marriage for friends."

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kylie Jenner just married her best friend — sort of.

On the season finale of Life of Kylie, Kylie and her BFF Jordyn Woods exchanged vows during a commitment ceremony in Peru, People reports. Still confused? You're not the only one.

As Kylie explained, "It's like a marriage for friends. I want people to know that we're more than that. She's my girlfriend. I care for her like I care for my girlfriend."

Still, a friend wedding? Is that something that ever happens outside of reality shows?

It looks like Kylie's desire to put a ring on it was brought on by Jordyn's decision to distance herself from Kylie and focus on her own career. Before that could happen though, Kylie and Jordyn donned all-white outfits and exchanged vows in front of Kylie's assistant and Kris Jenner — to cement the friendship, you see.

Kylie clearly has the utmost love and respect for her BFF, explaining, "All I want for Jordyn is to have all the success in the world and I want her to know that I'm always gonna be here to support her on whatever. I just think everything is happening perfectly for her. She's going at the perfect pace. She's accomplished so many things so far. I'm just really proud of her. Jordyn is my ride or die. Vice versa. We might not always be together, but we will always be connected in the mountains of Peru."

You can check out Kylie and Jordyn's "wedding" vows below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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