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Kylie Jenner Says She Likes Her 'Chunkiness,' And It's All Real

Is that was 'chunky' looks like?

People have been accusing Kylie Jenner of getting plastic surgery for ages—or like, two years. It’s kind of amazing that she’s still only 19, right? It started so, so long ago when jenner was just a wee babe of 17, getting her first lip filler injection. She denied the extremely obvious change for awhile, but eventually admitted that she gets them. It doesn’t seem to have hurt her one bit, considering the success of her lip kits.

Since then, folks enjoy pointing at every aspect of Jenner’s body and yelling, “FAKE!” That includes her breast and her butt. In a video on her paid site, she talked about her figure and the fact that she’s gained around 16 pounds. She says:

You know, I used to be 120 [lbs]. I was really skinny. Now I'm pushing like 136. But it's alright, I like the chunkiness….I don’t really think I have the fattest ass, but I know my angles,” and “I’ve thought about [getting breast implants], but I’m like, why ruin it? I have really good boobs naturally and they’re a cute little size. I’m not against it, but right now, it’s a no from me."


While Kylie Jenner could certainly afford to buy whatever body she wants, she comes from a family with pretty good genes and she already has a great figure. It makes sense that her boobs and butt are growing because, once again, this girl is still a teenager! Give her another ten years before throwing out accusations about sudden boob growth.

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