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Kylie Jenner Says She Wants To Be A Singer, But Can't Sing...And Here's Proof

Did she just shade herself?

Kylie Jenner can buy mansions and cars for herself, for her boyfriend, and for herself via her boyfriend. She can even buy lips. But there is something that money can’t get you, and that is pipes. People reports that Jenner admitted on her website and app that her dream is being able to sing, but even if you hire a vocal coach and have the discipline to work on your breath, etc., there’s a limit to how good a singer someone can be without that special something: talent.

She says, “It’s no secret I love music, especially everything we play on Kylie Radio...And I have some crazy talented friends with beautiful voices, like Justine Skye. I really would love to be able to sing!!! It’s the one talent I wish I had."

“Yeah, I’ve kinda played around," she admitted about the idea of becoming a singer, "but to be able to really, really sing would be such a dream...Jordyn [Woods] says I can, but isn’t that what best friends are supposed to say?”

She also shared a clip of her singing Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky.” It pretty much sounds like anyone singing to themselves in the living room.

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I’d say that Jenner doesn’t have a chance at becoming a pop star, but this new interest seems like it may be a potential soft launch into revealing her new album in the works. She’s only 19 and doesn’t appear to be interested in college, so a music career is the natural next step. Unfortunately for our ears, money does buy opportunities you don’t deserve.

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