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Kylie Jenner Slammed By Fans For Doing This During Her Latest Photo Shoot

Social media does not approve.

Kylie Jenner, forever a magnet for social media controversy, is being held under intense scrutiny yet again for her latest Instagram uploads.

In the artsy, black and white snapshots posted to her account yesterday, a (topless?) Jenner can be seen lying in bed with smoke coming out of her mouth. It's hard to tell what she's holding in her hands — some have theorized that it's a hand-rolled cigarette — but it's not a huge leap to assume that she's smoking, or at least pretending to, in the pics.

Since smoking hasn't been the cool thing to do since like, 1998, it wasn't long before the criticism rolled into her comments section.

"Don't smoke," and "Why is this ok," some fans wrote, while others pointed to the unspoken message this would send to Kylie's considerable fanbase, writing, "Aren't you supposed to be some role model or something?"

"Glad I don't have a daughter because I wouldn't want Kylie as her role model," another commented. "Not impressed! I wonder what Puma feels about this image?"

Do you think the criticism Kylie's receiving for her latest move is fair? Better yet, does that even look like a cigarette to you? Check out the controversial pics below and weigh in.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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