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Kylie Jenner Spent Her Post Election Day Hinting At An Engagement

Tyga and Kylie, here to distract us all.

The world keeps spinning. That’s the terrible lesson bloggers learn, as they sift through the wreckage for a fun bit of celebrity gossip. While some of us might like to spend the next four years just screaming at the computer screen, others may need the occasional distraction to keep their brains from exploding. Here’s something to ponder, besides how to move to Canada. Is Kylie Jenner engaged?

Jenner shared a photo of herself on election, getting a little peck on the cheek from her Romeo, Tyga:


The caption reads, "They don't know." We don't know, but her next image hinted at some big news we want to know. She gave us a close up of her hand with a big ole ring on that finger:


Then a selfie, without:


What does it mean?! Soon after she posted a photo that seemed to indicate she has some awareness of how this election has changed life for her fellow Americans:


But then she shared a lip kit shot, because no matter what happens, Kylie’s gotta be Kylie. 

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