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Kylie Jenner Teases New, Shady AF Kris Jenner T-Shirt

Welcome to the Kylie Shop.

Given the current political climate, any excuse to wear a t-shirt depicting a woman giving the finger is a good one. With Kylie Jenner teasing the latest addition to her t-shirt line, we think we've found the perfect lady to flip the bird at the patriarchy:

Teased on Kylie's instagram, the new official Kardashian Krew swag depicts Kris Jenner offering the whole world an obscene hand gesture. The merch is part of Kylie's latest endeavor, The Kylie Shop, which opened as an online store and a real life location in Los Angeles. New Yorkers will be treated to an East Coast incarnation of the store in the near future, although the exact date hasn't been announced quite yet.  No clue on the pricing of the pissed-off Kris T either.

Meanwhile some of the other items up for offer at the store are just as stylish:

You can shop Kylie's online products over here.

h/t: Bustle

[Photo: Instagram]

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