Kylie Jenner Took A Selfie In Her Underwear And Is Now Being Compared To Trump

People aren't happy about this morning surprise.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Is Kylie Jenner worse than Donald Trump? Kylie posted a selfie of herself in her underwear and of course, people freaked out and turned it into a political argument. 

"Morning," she captioned the photo. In it, the youngest Kardashian wears a ripped sweatshirt and panties while standing in her bathroom. 


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


The photo has racked up over two million likes already but not everyone is happy with it. Many found the selfie overly sexualized and have deemed her behavior as objectifying women in the same way Donald Trump's comments have.

"You know, what Donald Trump said made me sick to my stomach, but on the polar end of the spectrum we have thousands...of young women like Kylie Jenner posing in their panties with the only hope to add meaning to their lives being that someone, anyone WILL objectify them," one commented on Facebook. "And we wonder why men (Donald Trump or Bill Clinton) objectify women. They're not supposed to speak that way about women, but there are women and young girls that do things like this because they want male attention," added another.

It's pretty ridiculous that we're comparing what a Presidential nominee said about sexual assault to what a young reality star has chosen to do with her body. It's time to revisist the topic of consent, people.

[Photo: Instagram]

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