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Kylie Jenner Went Platinum Blonde Over The Weekend

If you got the money and the time, you can be Marilyn Monroe too!

Labor Day weekend sure went by fast. Hopefully everyone reading this got to enjoy the great outdoors at some point, go to the beach, sit in a park, walk from their door to their car. Or maybe you just stayed in and binged Netflix. Whatever you did, you probably weren’t doing what Kylie Jenner was doing. This is usually true, but especially so on a holiday weekend where us norms couldn’t get a qualified hairdresser to give up their day off to make us blonde. That seems to be what Kylie had planned when she posted this throwback of Kourtney sporting a platinum do right before festivities commenced:


She Snapchatted a few black and white images of sitting in the chair, slowly baking the color out of her hair:


Then she finally revealed that her new hairstyle will soon lead to having more fun:


We haven’t seen the full effect on her regular Instagram yet, maybe because she needs another processing before it’s truly perfect. What a way to spend the weekend! Though I guess Kylie Jenner’s life is one long weekend, really.

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