Kylie Keeps Tyga’s Mugshot Framed In Her Living Room And The World Is Perplexed

But why, Kylie?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Kylie Jenner, we need to talk about your decorating choices.

Subscribers to the Kylie app and website were recently treated to a video tour of her $2.7 million mansion. She showed off her unsurprisingly luxurious bedroom, living room, and kitchen, but it's one particularly peculiar decorating choice that's really caught people's attention: Tyga's framed mugshot, which sits on a bookshelf beside a statue of a dog and below a framed photo of her grandmother.

Said Kylie during the tour, "I have a few pictures. This is my grandmother when she was my age. This is...a mug shot."

Is it just a thing now, to show off mugshots? Both Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner used to keep Khloe's framed mugshot in their homes, and Jaden Smith's girlfriend was recently photographed wearing a T-shirt with a photo of her own mugshot on it.

Does Kylie just like the reminder that Tyga's been arrested? (He was collared back in 2012 on a warrant for traffic violations.) Does she think it's a good photo of her boo? Is it all just an inside joke? The world may never know, and that's probably a good thing.

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