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Ladies, Beware Of Guys Pulling This Online Dating Scam

Be careful out there while looking for love!

When online dating, be careful with your emotions and your wallet. One online dater is using his profile to break women's hearts and their bank accounts.

According to Forbessome online profiles are just fronts for stealing your money. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced charges of fraud against a Connecticut man who is accused of defrauding six women he met via online dating websites. The smooth lothario apparently persuaded women to invest in his company, which he claimed would bring them large returns on their investments.

Of course, nothing of the sort happened. According to court documents, the scumbag allegedly used the money for his own expenses, including $20,000 for an engagement ring for one of his boos!

So how can you protect yourself? The publication advises that you research any financial opportunities to make sure they're legit and ask questions. Also, beware of any get rich quick schemes or other "too good to be true" opportunities.

More than anything, think with your head and not your emotions. No one on a dating site should be pressuring you into anything more than meeting them for coffee or a cocktail.

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