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Lamar Odom Opened Up About His Drug Overdose On 'The Doctors'

Lamar revealed why he went on a bender -- and why he's scared he'll go on another one.

Lamar Odom is ready to speak out. Nearly a year after being hospitalized for having a drug overdose, the former basketball star is opening up on The Doctors. In a dramatic sneak peek, the episode promises to be a "candid confessional about everything." He's set to talk about his breakdown, drug overdose, the Kardashians and his "demons."

Dr. Stork of The Doctors also addresses rumors that Lamar is still on drugs. "There have been reports that you still have been using substances," he asks. "Is that true or false?" The episode, set to air in January, will follow him to rehab. 

Just days ago, it was reported that Lamar checked himself into a rehab facility for an extended stay. Triggered by the memory of his son's death, he reportedly wanted to get help before another bender.

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