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Larsa Pippen's 911 Calls Released, Hints At A Violent Scottie Pippen

In the recordings, a tearful Larsa can be heard telling dispatchers that Scottie had "gotten crazy again."

There's a ton of drama going on right now between Scottie and Larsa Pippen, and it's only getting worse. Not only is the cause of the split rumored to be infidelity - specifically, Larsa's alleged dalliances with rapper Future - but now new evidence may hint at even more trouble between the couple.

Earlier this week, 911 calls made by Larsa were leaked to the public, and she sounds tearful and afraid in both.

"Can you send someone over here? My husband is getting aggressive with me," Larsa says in the first call, while Scottie can be heard in the background trying to persuade her to end the call. When the dispatcher asks if the alleged abuse is verbal or physical, Scottie can be heard responding, saying first, "Verbal," and then, "There's no incident, ma'am."

At one point, Larsa tells the dispatcher to "just cancel it," but authorities had already been called; when they arrive to the scene, they find that Scottie had smashed his cell phone out of frustration, and that's allegedly what frightened Larsa.

"She stated they were having marital problems and that he raises his voice to her, yells at her and scares her," read the police report. "He was upset and did break the screen on his phone in frustration."

In a second call obtained by TMZ, Larsa can be heard saying, "Can someone come over here please? My husband's gotten crazy again with me."

"He's breaking things, he's just scaring me," she says later.

The second call was made only days after the first one, and both calls were recorded in the month prior to Scottie filing for divorce. Considering that Scottie and Larsa have four children together, hopefully this divorce doesn't get any messier than it already is.

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