Laurie Hernandez Was An Amazing Gymnast As A Baby, Too (VIDEO)

She crushed her baby competition.

By Aimée Lutkin

Laurie Hernandez is one of the incredible USA women’s gymnastic team members known as the Fierce Five. She’s bringing home the gold in the all-around, and at only sixteen there are a lot more opportunities to win big ahead of her. Henandez is also a delight to watch on the floor, and has been for years.

This old video of Hernandez (posted by Flo Gymnastics) performing at one of her first floor competitions is both daunting and inspiring. She’s just a wee baby gymnast, but she has poise, presence and athleticism in spades. I wish my legs looked that strong!

My favorite part is the line of little girls watching in fascination and occasionally whispering to each other about what’s happening in front of them. I haven’t seen such young children sit still at a live sporting event in my life. Even they knew Hernandez would be a star.


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