Laverne Cox Reveals Details About The 'Rocky Horror' Remake

Frank-N-Furter is getting a new look. 

By Eric Shorey

As far as new pop culture phenomena go, it's always better to be cautiously optimistic than outright excited. That being said, it's hard not to gird our proverbial loins for the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake starring Laverne Cox.

Casting Cox hasn't been without controversy, with some LGBT activists questioning the wisdom of having a transgender woman play a (male) character known for his transvestism. Meanwhile, Cox herself seems to have nothing but excitement for the project, recently talking with E! about her worship of the original film:

“I was in college at Indiana University and some friends of mine were like, we have to see Rocky Horror Picture Show. We watched it on a video. I became obsessed and kept watching it. I got the soundtrack and learned all the songs. I learned the songs and the Time Warp. I knew all of this way before they asked me to do it ... Like so many people who felt they didn’t fit in, who were outcasts, Rocky Horror was the thing. Hopefully, it will be that for a new generation.”

Those hoping to see our hero(ine) in the traditional Frank 'N' Furter corset might be a bit disappointed; Cox also hinted about the newly revamped designs of the movie's protagonists, adding "“The wardrobe is not like the original ... [the reboot will be] very fashion forward. Very ‘70s.”

I'm not quite sure how something can be both fashion forward and 70's at the same time, but Cox can pull off pretty much any outfit someone puts her in, so somehow I'm not too worried.

Laverne is certianly the biggest name of the Rocky Horror roster, with Victoria Justice, Reeve Carney, and Staz Nair recently cast in the project as well. The reboot is set to air on Fox in the Fall of 2016 (probably around Halloween).

Let's hope this new iteration won't be lost in time and space ... and meaning.

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