Leslie Jones Is Furious That Her Harasser Milo Yiannopoulos Has A Book Deal

And the publishing giant isn't backing down.

By Eric Shorey

When Milo Yiannopoulos arranged a calculated attack on Leslie Jones over twitter only a few months ago, it seemed like the young alt-right figurehead was far from a mainstream political figure. Now, with Donald Trump's ascenion only days away, Milo's opnions are becoming more and more sought-after, landing him a book deal with publishing giant Simon & Schuster. While plenty of people are pissed about this, Leslie Jones in particular ain't pleased.

Milo's book deal landed him a massive $250,000 advance, despite that fact that he essentially peddles in neo-Nazi rhetoric and hate-mongering. Many were appalled to see such vile beliefs so eagerly pursued by a mainstream book maker and planned boycotts. The Chicago Review of Books joined in with this powerful statement:

Following a rather mealy-mouthed response from Simon & Schuster themselves, Leslie Jones is now chiming in.

Jones kept voicing her frustrations on Twitter:

With even more outcry against the book, S&S still seem to have no plans of backing down from the deal.

h/t: USA Today

[Photo: Getty Images]

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