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LGBT Olympic Soccer Players Faced Homophobic Chants

These chants have got to stop.

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team is dealing with more than competition on the field. Three players say that fans in Rio have hurled ugly, homophobic slurs to them during a match on Thursday.

According to Outsports, sources are reporting that the Portuguese term "bicha" was heard during matches for American, Canadian and Australian teams. "Bicha" translates to "f*ggot" per The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I don’t think that all Brazilians fans or everyone that was there last night is homophobic," says Megan Rapinoe, midfielder for the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, to The Los Angeles Times. "But I think that they are complicit in it as long as they’re doing it. FIFA can crack down as much as they want but it’s up to individuals in the stands to not participate in that kind of behavior.”

The newspaper reports that homophobia has become a major issue in soccer. FIFA fined Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Peru and Uruguay over anti-gay chants used by fans during World Cup qualifier games.

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