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LGBT Teen Girl Kicked Out Of Prom For Being Best Dressed In A Suit

Aniya Wolf was denied entry into her school because she "didn't wear a dress."

Prom is one of the greatest highlights of life before college loans, so the fact that this Pennsylvania student was denied her opportunity to attend just hours before has really stirred up her community.

Aniya Wolf, a high school senior at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, started the buzz about her Prom rejection via social media.

"She didn't even see what I'm wearing," Aniya tweeted, accompanied with a pic of an email sent to her mother. "where in the dress code? Actually where in the bible?"

Aniya, who identifies as lesbian and has attended her school dressed in "shirt and pants" for all three years prior to this incident, found the last-minute email surprising. As the news began to spread, Aniya's friends began to rally on social media, calling for the local news to take notice to the hypocrisy, including the fact that many others did not receive an email as a school official had stated.

That's when things really got heated. Aniya, all dressed and properly (still, kinda) excited to attend, decided to show up anyway. 

That's when the story began to go viral, with support from both the global and local community online.

According to Philadelphia's WPVI, the school "released a statement Saturday saying the dress code was sent to parents three months ago specifying girls must wear formal dresses, and those who didn't follow it would not be admitted." They also stated that "Bishop McDevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all of our students. They are tremendous young men and women," it continued. "We simply ask that they follow the rules that we have put into place."

Despite a few ignorant tweets and the stubborness of the school's officials, the overall response to Aniya's dilemma was heartfelt with love and support for her decision to feel most comfortably herself at Prom. It also appears that female students at Aniya's school are protesting the decision by wearing men's shirts and pants to school to show their solidarity with the brave teen.

"Thank you to everyone who had the idea of wearing pants tomorrow," Aniya tweeted. "but you do not have to wear anything that you don't feel comfortable in."

Luckily, Aniya may get a second chance to live out her dream night! The Internet isn't that horrible of a place afterall. 

See Aniya with her date in her badass suit when you watch the full story below (the laughter is belonging to Aniya- how cute)!

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