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Lil' Kim Addresses Rumors That She Recorded A Nicki Minaj Diss With Remy Ma

Is "Wake Me Up" about Nicki or nah?

Lil' Kim is setting the record straight.

She and fellow femcee Remy Ma were recently spotted filming a music video together in the Bronx, and while the two did collaborate on "Wake Me Up" (Kim sings the bridge and the hook), the song is not a diss track about Nicki Minaj.

"I hate that because no. 1, my mind is always on that bag," she said in an interview with Hot 97 on Friday, adding, "The messed up thing is because we are real artists, and me and Remy do what we do, no matter what we say, if I be like, 'Fake-ass such and such.' They'll be like 'Oh, she's talking about such and such.'"

"I feel like people know me and Remy well enough that if we are going to talk about somebody, we are going to say their name," she continued. "We are going to address them. We gonna make it that or whatever. We just making music. We doing what we do. Like I said, my mind is always on that bag. My mind ain't on ol' girl or anything else and I don't care about that."

"I don't know what Remy's approach to her verses were [because I'm only on the hook]," she added.

Kim went on to remind listeners that she's all about uniting female artists.

"At the end of the day, I'm always for the unity. I got the biggest 'Ladies Night' record. So I don't understand how people can say I was never for unity," she said. "Everyone is like, 'That's blasphemy almost to say that.' I've always embraced every female."

Kim also had a lot to say about female rappers who break into the music industry while throwing shade at the women who came before them.

"My video 'Get Money' had females that came before me cause that's the only way to do it," she added. "When you come in the game, you don't come in the game disrespecting idols. Why would I say that to Salt-N-Pepa? 'I'm the new such and such. You sit down.' Why would I say that to Salt-N-Pepa? Why would I say that to MC Lyte? These are the girls that made it possible for me. These are the girls that influenced me and gave me life."

"You don't come into the industry like that and a lot of girls come in the industry like that," she continued. "It's wack. And it always catches up to you later."

Check out Kim's interview below; the commentary about her collab with Remy begins at the 21-minute mark.

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