Lil' Kim Claps Back At A Body Shamer Who Slammed Her "Rolls"

She had the perfect response.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Don't come for Lil' Kim, especially over something as trivial as a few belly rolls.

Over the weekend, Kim posted a photo of herself hanging out and looking flawless in custom outfits "str8 from France" with fellow femcee Remy Ma.

One Instagram user must not have been a fan of Kim's look though, because they decided to get cute in her comments section, writing, "Well, you need to tell them to customize that stomach part a little bit more because you could see a rolls not cute sis!!!"

Kim responded to the body shaming by reminding her fans that it's natural to have a few rolls when sitting, "especially us women that have kids."

"I could have Photoshopped it, but I didn't because I have been working out every day really hard and eating better so I can be the best me that I can possibly be," she continued. "It's called growth and change."

Kim went on to explain why she bothered to respond to the pettiness in the first place, writing, "Now I know I don't owe you spit of an explanation at all but responding to your negative comment with a positive comment can maybe help someone else who may feel a little self-conscious about their weight gain or little rose that show through their clothes know it's ok because I'm telling the men don't complain at all and if anyone wants to change for themselves maybe my comments will motivate them to start exercising and get healthy."

Check out her full response below.

Lil' Kim: queen of the classy clapback.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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