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Lil Kim Says She's A Spanish Girl Trapped In A Black Girl's Body

And of course Twitter dragged her.

Well, this is interesting. Lil Kim is making headlines again, and it's not for her physical transformation. This time, it's because she's said that she's "trapped" in a black girl's body.

In a video posted to Twitter account @LilKimRoyal, Kim addresses the camera and says, "I'm a Spanish girl trapped in a black girl's body."

"I'm all mixed up, girl," she continues.

She then proceeds to sing a little bit in Spanish and dance. You can check out the video below.

She seemed to be making a joke, but still, many on social media shared their concern for the iconic rapper while some just dragged her.

Others have been defending Kim, claiming that the video is years old and was edited to misconstrue Kim's point.

What do you think?
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