Lil Mama Busted After Speeding Without License

Only shortly after releasing a cover of Rihanna's "Work", Lil Mama gets thrown in jail.

By Eric Shorey

Only a few days ago, Lil Mama dropped a pretty hot cover of Rihanna's banger "Work," but the former America's Best Dance Crew judge won't be riding high on the success of the new track for too long. In fact, she won't be riding on anything for a while considering she's now in jail. For speeding. Without a driver's license.

According to TMZ, Mama was picked up by the po po at 4am on Thursday in Harlem after doing 38 in a 25. This normally wouldn't have been a problem, but homegirl was cruising with a revoked license, leading her to be taken into police custody. TMZ suggests there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the incident.

No word yet on bail or how long they expect her to be locked up, but in the mean time we can at least enjoy her new track.

Check it out, below:

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