Lil Mama Made A Transphobic Joke On Instagram And Got Dragged For It

Girl, no.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Lil Mama tried to be funny on social media the other day and it backfired big time.

The rapper took to Instagram over the weekend to tell a "joke" — only, it didn't go over too well because the joke was pretty blatantly transphobic. Check it out below.

She later deleted the video, but not quickly enough to escape the backlash.

LoveBScott reports that Lil Mama later tried to defend herself in an Instagram comment, writing, "This Post was not to offend anybody, it's a joke. I have transgender friends. I love everybody the same and joke with everybody the same. I'm called N*GGA on a daily basis."

"I think you and everyone else' tryna make this a problem are just looking for a reason to be defensive. It's not that deep. Just keep doing your thing in this world. N know that only God can judge any of us!"

Take a look at Lil Mama's defense below. Is it good enough for you or nah?


[Photo: Getty Images]

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