Lil Wayne Had Two Seizures On His Private Plane UPDATE: He Was Drinking Lean

2016: you are not allowed to take Weezy from us.

By Eric Shorey

Lil Wayne had two seizures while riding on his private jet yesterday. Traveling from California to Milwaukee, Air Young Tuneche was grounded in Omaha, Nebraska to tend to the rapper's medical needs.

Paramedics were ready to help and met the plane on the tarmac, but were turned away before the flight took off again. Many websites, like Bossip, were in the process of writing about the first seizure when the second one occurred after the plane went skyward a second time, leading to another emergency landing.

Weezy has since been reported as conscious; his spokesperson said that he is "in stable condition and good spirits.” 

This isn't exactly a new phenomenon for Wayne, who reportedly had similar medical incidencts in 2012 and 2013.

Everything seems fine now, but if 2016 is trying to take Weezy from us, I think we all might need to rebel against fate itself.


UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Wayne was seen drinking "massive amounts of lean" shortly before this incident. "Weezy was cruising around with five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend," they reported. "[O]ne onlooker [said] Wayne downed 3 bottles just by himself." They also suggested he continued drinking on into the after party.

Wayne has previously claimed that he had quit drinking lean because of his epilepsy.

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