Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lawrence Are Shading Each Other

Your new favorite celebrity feud.

By Eric Shorey

Was Jennifer Lawrence just being her good ol' quirky self last night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert or was she taking out her library card and, in the words of the great RuPaul, reading Lindsay Lohan to filth? This is the question all of America, including sister Ali Lohan, is asking this morning.

The trouble started when Lawrence told a story about how her anxiety causes her to vomit. She gave a quick namecheck to Lohan:

“I puked yesterday. I’m a puker. I’m a big-time puker," said Lawrence. "I think that I don’t stop working, because I’m a show pony. I don’t have a choice. So, I just keep going, I think, until eventually my body’s just like, ‘If we don’t make her barf or pass out, she won’t stop.’ I get, like, Lindsay Lohan grade exhaustion, but without any drugs or alcohol. I’m always in bed early, but I’m still tired.”

Considering Lohan's openness about her past struggles with alcoholism, the comment may or may not have seemed harmless, but Ali decided to jump in over Twitter anyway. The tweet has since been deleted but it is reported to have read: "I never breathe life into negativity but I stand by my family. Disappointed in Jennifer Lawrence. You lost a fan. @lindsaylohan"

Lohan's response is either massively shady or incredibly zen, depending on how you read it:

Was Lawrence kicking a girl while she's down? Is LiLo fittin' for a pop off? Should Ali step off? The universe is vast and expansive, there are no definitive answers to anything.

While you're pondering upon these and other mysteries you can watch Colbert's interview with Lawrence, below.

h/t: Jezebel

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