Lindsay Lohan Caught Smoking Amid Pregnancy Rumors

We know you're stressed LiLo...but....

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Is she expecting or isn't she? Just after Lindsay Lohan announced that she's pregnant, the actress is fueling rumors that she may (hopefully) not be--after being caught smoking a cigarette in Italy.

According to Peoplethe 30-year-old was spotted in a pink-and-white floral bikini aboard a luxury yacht in Italy. She reportedly smoked multiple times and walked around with a pack of smokes and lighter in hand. Definitely not healthy for a pregnant woman.

Lindsay's former fiance, Egor Tarabasov was nowhere to be seen. 

Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, tells the magazine that his daughter confirmed her pregnancy news to him via text. "She texted me and said [she was pregnant]," he said. "I'm going to believe what she says."

This may mean nothing, since a close friend of the actress tells People, she "is not pregnant."

Is this Lindsay's way of telling us that she's not expecting or, is she being a reckless mom? 


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