Lindsay Lohan Hangs Up On Australian Radio Hosts Mid-Interview

But everyone's confused whether it was real or fake.

By Eric Shorey

Lindsay Lohan is a notoriously difficult person to get a straight answer from. Back in 2015, Lohan and her media team had famously cut short an interview with Australian shock jocks Kyle and Jackie O. In a moment of déjà vu, Lohan once again found herself at the opposite end of a grilling by the radio duo and once again disconnected herself from the show.

According to, Lohan survived a flurry of invasive questions from the Sydney-based disc jockeys. Jackie asked about Lohan's living situation, inquiring as to whether Lohan owned property in London, New York, and the United Arab Emirates.

“What kind of question is that?” replied Lohan before explaining herself further: “I don’t own houses in [these locations].

The radio personalities pushed, questioning Lohan on her recent Instagram cleanse and hinting at rumors about her conversion to Islam (prompted by the phrase "Alaikum salaam” remaining on the otherwise scrubbed account). “If you guys in Australia really cared about me, you’d notice [the phrase]’s been there for two years,” Lohan said.

It kept going: Lohan was then asked about her opinions on Donald Trump and played a now-famous audio clip of the President making insinuations about her sex life in 2004. “I wish him the best. We live in a world of societies that consistently find faults in people ... taking someone else down is never the answer,” she replied.

But Lohan was pushed too far when her last interview with Kyle and Jackie O was brought up, leading to her to hang up once again. “She’s not offended by that, is she?” asked Jackie O over the sound of a dial tone.

Only a few seconds later was Lohan back on the line in better spirits, claiming the ended call was a joke: “You guys set it up! We’re great together,” she said. “We should have our own show in Dubai.”

But was Lohan trying to save face or had the scene been planned all along as a prank? Hard to tell.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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