Lindsay Lohan Sues 'Grand Theft Auto' For Character That Looks Like Her

Is there a resemblance between Lindsay and the bikini-clad GTA icon? 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lindsay Lohan is moving forward with her lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto V. In 2014, the Mean Girls actress claimed that the character of "Lacey Jonas" in the popular video game was a reference to her. The game's creators initially tried to get the charges thrown out, but a judge in New York Supreme Court ruled against them last week. 

According to GameSpot, Lindsay's legal team has offered real-world photos of the actress that they believe inspired the character. In addition to the game (which has shipped more than 60 million copies), Lacey Jonas has appeared on t-shirts, mugs and ads.

The opinion isn't sitting too well with Grand Theft Auto V actor Ned Luke. He took to Twitter to say that "Lindsay is nuts" and then posted an image of a cow.

You be the judge. Here's the image of Lindsay compared to the character of Lacey Jonas per GameSpot.

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