Lindsay Lohan Will Go On Russian TV If She Gets To Meet Putin

Why a downtrodden celebrity so definitively wants to meet with a man regularly accused of human rights violations is unclear.

By Eric Shorey

Lindsay Lohan's life lately has been, well, let's say turbulent. With erratic social media posts, pregnancy rumors, and a legitimately sad story of abuse hopefully behind her, what's next for the melancholy starlet? If TMZ's reporting is correct, it might be a stint on Russian television — but only if Vladimir Putin himself makes an appearance with her.

Indeed, the surreal desires of Lohan were articulated in a recently intercepted memo sent from the Mean Girls actress. See, a popular Russian talk show is courting a Lohan appearance after her breakup with Egor Tarabasov. Lohan returned the request for an interview with a severe list of demands which included a private jet with an entire makeup and hair team onboard, 500,000 British pounds, and a one year Russian visa.

But the strangest part of Lohan's requisition was her insistence on meeting and getting photos taken with President of the Russian Federation and international terror, Vladimir Putin.

Why a downtrodden celebrity so definitively wants to meet with a man regularly accused of human rights violations is unclear.  

But, hey, I say give the girl what she wants! 

[Photo: Getty Images]


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