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Louis Vuitton's Newest Model Is A Video Game Character

Now, even animated women can be in high fashion.

Video gamers aren't exactly known for their exquisite tastes in luxury goods, but Louis Vuitton is tapping into an unusual market with the choice for their latest spokesperson. The designer brand's newest face: Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII!

The protagonist of a major Japanese RPG game, Lightning was originally portrayed as a fierce soldier cursed by fate to battle the forces of evil. Now, she's a model for expensive handbags. Life is just weird like that, I guess!

The creative decision was revealed by LV director Nicolas Ghesquiere earlier this week on Instagram:


According to CNN: "Ghesquiere has a well known preoccupation with digital technology. That much was evident in the Spring-Summer 2016 fashion show which was peppered with references to virtual reality, Minecraft, Japanese anime and even Wong Kar-Wai's sci-fi flick 2046."

Here's Lightning showing off her posing skills. Tyra Banks, eat your heart out:


As an avid Final Fantasy player, I'm both excited and a little confused about this choice. If you were going to pick a video game character to model, wouldn't you have at least picked someone who cares about fashion? At least Yuna from Final Fantasy X enjoyed changing her outfits (below). Lightning always seemed pretty grumpy about it.

Or maybe they should have just gone with Bayonetta. Get it girl!

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