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Love Sharing Gym Selfies? You're Probably A Narcissist

Got pecs? Maybe keep them to yourself.

It seems everyone is obsessed with fitness on social media. #Fitspo and #Fitnessgoals are great but constant posting about them may indicate a bigger issue: According to a new study, you may be a narcissist.

survey from researchers at Brunel University London finds that what you post about on Facebook is deeply influenced by personality traits, reports Mashable. People who frequently post about their achievements, which includes gym goals and weight loss, are likely to be narcissists in real-life. "Narcissists also wrote more status updates about their diet and exercise routine, suggesting that they use Facebook to broadcast the effort they put into their physical appearance," the researchers share. 

Anyone who has time to take a shirtless gym photo or capture sweaty selfies while running on the treadmill-in full makeup-is kind of the worst. 

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