Love Sick? Try This Dating Detox

Stop dating for 30 days and do this instead.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Dating is awesome but it can also be really, really awful. If you're getting muscle spasms from swiping left too many times on Tinder or just plain exhausted from a string of awkward first dates, it might be time for a time-out. Go on a 30-day dating detox to recharge and refocus, which can lead to better future dates. Here's what to do:

Deactivate Your Dating Apps

The first step is to put your dating life on pause. You don't want to be bombarded with new messages or match notifications all day, so deactivate all of your dating apps and profiles on sites. Make sure to deactivate and not delete because you may come back to them after the detox. 

Delete The Clutter

Just like a juice cleanse rids us of junk food, get rid of crappy, unhealthy relationships. That means deleting any conversations that are in progress--and clearly going nowhere. If you want to take it one step further, get rid of contacts of old flames, side pieces or Netflix & Chill buddies. They're taking up valuable emotional space.

Focus On You

Take this time to FOCUS ON YOU. Remember all those things on your vision board that you forgot about in the hot pursuit of love? Return to them. Use this month to revisit old hobbies, clean your house and cross off other things on your to-do list.

Treat Yourself

Use this time to nurture and spoil yourself, inside and out. Don't sit at home and cry with a pint of ice cream. Cook healthy meals for one, take a spin class and buy that lipstick you've been eyeing. Reinvent yourself with a new hair color or finally get bangs.

Be Social

Just because you're detoxing from dating doesn't mean you need to be a creepy recluse. Now is the time to be social. Connect with friends, go to parties, take a salsa class, and hit up work cocktail parties. You're not going out to attract a mate or leave with 10 numbers. Your only goal is to have fun!

Check Your Attitude

You can be single and fabulous or single and miserable. During the detox (and after), it's really important to speak only positively about yourself. Keep checking in on your attitude. Don't be a bitter Betty. Think and speak only good thoughts. "I love myself and will meet my soulmate" sounds a lot better than "I suck and no one will ever love me."

Set Your Intention

As the detox is nearing its end, refocus your energy back into love and ask yourself what you want in your future significant other. Take some time and think about it. Then, write it down. What do you really mean when you say you want a "nice guy"? Be specific about what you're asking for. Also, revisit old dealbreakers. Post-detox, things like, "He has to be 6'4" with a body like Tyson Beckford" may no longer be that important. Keep your intentions handy and put them somewhere you can see them often.

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