Malia Obama Is Leaving Behind A Legacy Of "Malia Chokers"

Her love for chokers has NOT gone unnoticed.

By Jazzi Johnson

The Obama Sisters are two classy, young, bright ladies with an undeniable fashion sense. But the eldest, Malia, has definitely made a staple statement with one thing in particular: choker necklaces.

As highlighted by Racked, her love for the stylish necklace has gotten nods by the fashion queens and kings of social media. But her most recent (and most historic of all) definitely went down during her father President Obama's farewell address. The proof is in this quick Twitter search.

More than that, it's an ongoing trend that has inspired many Etsy jewelery creators. Like, really and truly, a lot. Racked found that the latest jewelry trend is the Malia Choker. And that's not just from one retailer-- they're coming from several.

Included in the list is Francesca’sPashey BellaJames Michelle JewelryGypsy JewelsChokersAndChainbyCCChokersAndChainbyCC, and from Etsy itself. And something tells me there's a lot more where that came from. Can you blame them? Just look at how adorable she makes the popular 90s trend look! It'll be back in no time.

[Getty Images]

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