Malia Obama, Then And Now (PHOTOS)

Malia's going to college...and these memories will make you feel old.

By Jazzi Johnson

The White House announced Sunday that Barack and Michelle Obama's oldest child, Malia, will be attending Harvard University. But-- not before she takes a year off, joining the class of 2021 in 2017. The Obamas will remain in Washington, D.C. for two years after the next President's inauguration to allow their youngest, Sasha, to continue her studies at the same school. 

With all of this talk about college, taking time off, and finishing up secondary school-- I can't help but feel a bit dated. The Obamas began campaigning for the White House during my time as a freshman in college, and now one of their children is going off to have the same experience. I could nearly cry!

Here are a few flashbacks to Malia's moments in time that may get you a bit teary-eyed, too.

And it's clear that Malia's parents are going through it, too. Earlier this year, President Obama declined an invitation to speak at Malia's graduation. When asked why, he had to come clean, "I’m going to be wearing dark glasses… and I’m going to cry,” he revealed to ABC News. And he hasn't been shy about publicly praising Malia and his youngest Sasha, either.

Although Malia got into a few heated debates online in the past year, both were due to social media frenzies and not much else. There was that time she wore a Joey Bad@$$ tee in a selfie (which was only made a big deal by people who have never heard his music), and that other time she was caught in a Snapchat pic in front of stacked plastic cups at a beer pong game -- and of course, she was only on a college campus seeing what other college kids do on their free time.

Malia has been a source of great joy and pride in black girl magic in the White House. We'll be sad to see you go, but I soooo look forward to what's next!

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