Man Caught Cheating Says He Had To Do It To Save The World From Cancer

His ridiculous text messages, shared by his ex, are going viral.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Cheaters are getting creative these days. Most people who get caught stepping out on their significant others tend to just apologize and leave it at that, but one Twitter user's ex decided not only to lie, but to claim he had to cheat to save the world. Or something? 

Bella — @bxllaneira on Twitter — posted a string of text messages earlier this week exposing her ex's ridiculous (and hilarious) thread of lies.

The story starts off simple enough, with the unidentified guy claiming that he was drunk when another girl started to come on to him. He started to resist, but then thought better of it...

As he put it, turning her away could have meant the world not being saved from cancer. No, really.

Unsurprisingly, people on social media had a field day making fun of this guy, going in on him over everything from his pitiful story to his atrocious spelling. Check out some of the responses on Twitter below.

[Photo:, Twitter]

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