Mariah Carey Had The Most Hilarious Response When Asked About Her Ex (Video)

Mariah's former fiancée James Packer is currently wanted for questioning by Israeli police, but don't expect Mimi to help.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Mariah Carey may have just outdone herself. Sure, "I don't know her" may be one of the most epic one-liners ever, but Mimi's response when being questioned about her billionaire ex recently may have just taken the cake.

Perez Hilton reports that the singer was recently in Tel Aviv promoting a new partnership with a local skincare line when reporters decided to ask her about her ex James Packer, who's been linked to a corruption investigation involving the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli police have been trying to track down Packer for questioning since March, and reporters were obviously hoping Mimi might have some info on his whereabouts; clearly, they thought wrong.

Reporters tried to get her to dish about the time she and her ex had dinner with Netanyahu, but Mimi wasn't having it.

"I was eating the food… They had some food there that was pretty good," she said, adding, "Yeah, I don't know. I was just there because I was invited to a dinner."

When the reporter kept pressing her for information, Mariah got blunt in the way that only Mariah can, saying, "I don't know where the motherf*cker is. How am I supposed to know? I don't know, for real."

"I really have no idea about the political stuff that goes on, I don't," she added. "I don't pay attention to it."

Mimi was not having it. See for yourself below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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