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Mariah Carey Wants Demi Lovato Fired From A New Year's Eve Concert

Just in case you had any doubt that Mariah Carey is the queen of all divas...

Mariah Carey is pretty much the queen of being petty at this point. She's been throwing shade at Jennifer Lopez since like, the beginning of time, and now she's set her sights on Demi Lovato, who made the mistake of coming for Mimi on social media way back when.

Clearly, Mimi remembers each and every slight against her, because not only did she throw beaucoup shade at Demi during her visit to Watch What Happens Live, but according to recent reports, she's now trying to interfere in Demi's professional life.

Mariah and Demi are both scheduled to appear during Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC this year, but according to Naughty Gossip, Mariah wants Demi off the roster.

"Mariah wants Demi Lovato off the show. Demi has talked sh*t about Mariah and now she wants her gone," said their source. "Mariah Carey will be among the talents joining Seacrest in the Big Apple, with DNCE, country music's Thomas Rhett and veteran music star Gloria Estefan and Demi Lovato will appear from a Celebrity Cruises concert in St. Maarten. And even though they will be miles away, Mariah is insisting that the show dump DEMI."

Now that is petty. This is what happens when you come for Mariah — there will be consequences.

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