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Mark Your Calendar! December 11th Is The Biggest Breakup Day Of The Year


Mark your calendar! December 11th is just around the corner and it's the biggest breakup day of the year. Facebook data shows that this is the date that most relationships come to an end.

A dating expert tells Daily Mail that the reason is because daters don't want to buy holiday gifts for someone that they're really not that into. "This is by far the biggest time of year for breakups and the busiest one for me on record," says dating coach James Preece. "There's no point buying presents and spending time with someone you aren't interested in."

Another reason is that December 11th is just far enough from Christmas and the holidays so that the dumper doesn't feel too bad about cutting bae off. "Nobody wants to end things too close to Christmas so they do it now - and New Years is coming, which brings them the chance for a fresh start."

Christmas and the holidays usually mean going home and bringing that special someone to meet Mom and Dad. It's a time of reflection (and family interference), so it's no surprise that dead-end relationships won't make it. 

Here's a chart that shows Facebook breakups throughout the calendar year:

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